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What is softscape when it comes to landscaping?

Softscape refers to all the soft living materials in your outdoor space. Think flowers, perennials, shrubs, trees and grass!

We believe this is the final touch to your outdoor sanctuary. It truly enhances any outdoor area and it’s a perfect way to show off your style, add color, texture, character and even privacy.

Because planting is more than just putting plants in the ground, we take the utmost care in understanding your wants and needs. We choose plants specifically for your space. We take many factors into consideration so your new plants thrive and have the best chance of survival. We ensure the plants are compatible with the area & with each other, are appropriate for our growing zone, sun exposure, shade conditions, windy areas and size at maturity.

We enjoy doing the heavy lifting and making your experience as stress free as possible. Therefore, you will receive a detailed watering schedule from us when the project is complete, as well as a plant care sheet. We want your plants to thrive as much as you do!

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