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Mountain Theme

As landscape designers, we are often asked by our clients to come up with something unique.

A look that’s different from up and down the street. We get it, everyone wants that look that is different, matches the theme and style of the house and is pleasing to the eye.

Quite frequently, we are asked to incorporate the mountain or Colorado theme into a customer’s landscape.

Nothing says mountain like boulders! Keep in mind, that as in nature, the options for rocks and boulders are endless. There are many colors, sizes and textures to choose from. They can get quite spendy though, as availability, ease of access and transportation drive the market cost.

Depending on your location, Glacier Granite boulders are generally the least expensive at approx $200/ton. Weathered limestone and Colorado Moss nearly double that amount!

Boulders can be carefully stacked to form a more vertical wall or randomly set for a more mountainside look! Heavy equipment is a must, these babies weigh in excess of 1000 pounds! Whew!

Careful though, once you start adding boulders to your landscape, you’ll find more uses for them!

Have questions about a specific landscaping theme? Reach out to us, we’d be happy to discuss your options.

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