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Brett Bundy 


Meet Brett!

Brett is Luxury Landscape's foreman that oversees the crews and is also hands-on on all projects.

He is originally from Ord, Nebraska, but lives in Lincoln.

When Brett was asked what motivates him to wake up and come to work, he reports "the fact that I am creating beauty and knowing that we're making customers happy!"

Brett says his favorite aspect about landscaping is being able to use his creative side.  

When Brett isn't busy working with the crews, creating amazing landscapes and spreading his infectious personality at Luxury Landscape, he enjoys fishing, hunting, golfing and photography.  

Brett says something most people don't know about him is that he has two middle names!  

Make sure you give Brett a friendly wave when you see him out and about!  

Ethan Anderson

This is Ethan!

Ethan is from Newport, Nebraska, but now lives in Lincoln.

When Ethan was asked to explain what he does at Luxury Landscape, his exact words were "I hold down the chairs so they don't float away!"  Really Ethan?  Let's try that again.  

Ethan helps build and create unique and beatiful landscapes with the rest of the crew who he says he really enjoys working with and has a lot of fun!  

One of Ethan's favorite aspects about being a landscaper is that he gets to move heavy stuff.  He says he's never happier than when he gets to move something heavy.  Ethan will forever be on retaining wall and bolder duty!

When Ethan takes a break from holding down chairs, moving heavy objects and keeping the rest of the crew rolling in laughter at Luxury Landscape, he likes to build PC's (personal computers).

Something most people don't know about Ethan is that he collects baseball caps. 


Make sure to say hello the Ethan the next time you see him!   

Jack Hartman

Say hello to Jack!

Jack is from Firth, Nebraska and very proud of his home of the Norris Titans!

At Luxury Landscape, Jack does anything and everything landscape related.  He is a great team player and works with the rest of the crew to create and build gorgeous outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy.  

Jack said his biggest motivation is helping client's landscape visions become a reality.  

His favorite aspect about landscaping is getting to spend his days outdoors and helping customers see a completed project that they can be proud of! 

In Jack's free time from Luxury Landscape, he enjoys playing pickup basketball at the rec, and re-living his glory days!  

Something most people don't know about Jack is that he has only had ONE cup of coffee in his life and hated it.  

Be sure to say hello to Jack the next time you see him, he will definitely wave back! 

Anthony Hubbard

Meet Anthony!

He is from and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Anthony completes a variety of landscaping tasks at Luxury Landscape including patio installation, planting, mulching, and fire features, just to name a few! 

Anthony is motivated to work at Luxury Landscape because he gets to provide for his loving family while doing something he loves.  

Anthony says his favorite aspect about landscaping is that he enjoys being outdoors completing different and unique projects at various locations, no day is the same.  

When Anthony isn't busy moving huge rocks around or building retaining walls at Luxury Landscape, you know, the easy stuff, he enjoys camping, golfing and visiting with family!

Something most people don't know about Anthony is that he is the oldest of 4 children.  

Make sure to give Anthony a friendly hello the next time you see him and he will definitely show you his great smile!  

Jamin Thomas

Say hello to Jamin!

Jamin is from Malcolm, Nebraska, but lives in Lincoln.

At Luxury Landscape, Jamin loves the fact that he is able to get creative with different kinds of outdoor material, from block and mulch to plants and water features.  And everything in between!  

When Jamin was asked what motivates him to wake up and come to work, he responded "providing for myself and my wife, preparing for a family in the future and building relationships with my Luxury Landscape family!

Jamin's favorite part about landscaping is being able to think creatively and outside of the box.  He loves that fact that every project is different and has the potential of be unique and incredible.

Jamin stays pretty busy at Luxury Landscape distributing his never-ending smile and happy personality, but when he's not, he enjoys ulitmate frisbee, board games and catching up with friends and family!

Somthing most people don't know about Jamin is that he will try any food once, he grew his hair long and he is pretty much a cat whisperer!  

Make sure you say hello to Jamin when you see him out and about!  

Tyler Anderson

Meet Tyler!


Luxury Landscape is happy to introduce Tyler Anderson to it’s family!


Tyler is from Davenport, NE, but currently lives in Lincoln.


At Luxury Landscape, Tyler is pleased to announce that he is a first time landscaper, but feels he is learning rather quickly with all the great guidance.  He states “I am able to build retaining walls, trench, lay sod and use my best judgement in whether something looks out of place or not.”


Tyler reports that the team he is a part of is what motivates him!


When Tyler was asked what his favorite part of being a landscaper is, he replied “being able to work outside and enjoy the beauty in the projects I help accomplish.”


When Tyler isn’t busy spreading his never-ending smiles on the job, he enjoys lifting weights, running, reading, listening to podcasts and spending time with friends and family.


Something most don’t know about Tyler is that he has a dog named Ruger!  


Please say hello to Tyler when you see him out and about!  

Nick Mitchell

Say hello to Nick Mitchell!

Nick is originally from Downer's Grove, Illinois, but currently lives in Lincoln, NE.

Nick is a first time landscaper at Luxury Landscape, but he is not afraid to pick up a shovel and join his amazing team to help get a job done!  He loves being part of an awesome crew!

Nick shares that he is motivated to come to work by knowing that he is going to "spend his day learning new things with my very cool co-workers!"

Nick reports that since he is new at landscaping, learning new concepts and elements every day, is his favorite aspect of the job.

When Nick isn't busy at work playing air guitar with a spade and spreading his infectious smile, he enjoys watching and playing sports with his friends, as well as hiking!

Something most people don't know about Nick is that he's a lefty.  

Please join Luxury Landscape in giving Nick a warm welcome. He's definitely a great family member!  

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